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Why did you start this business?

The business started as an idea to create a healthy café that was inspired by Mother Nature while giving a big nod to healthy living. We wanted to take the best of all worlds and combine them into one healthy place where customers could enjoy healthy café choices and a full range of cold- pressed juice bar delights.

What makes Cafe Succo unique?

We are an energizing, guilt-free eatery, filled with healthy café options for all ages. It’s a place where our café foods and cold-pressed juice will invigorate your body and leave you with a healthy feeling. Kick off your day with breakfast items such as an acai bowl. Enjoy scrumptious, healthy lunch options, and of course, fall in love with juicing, from organic cold- pressed juice to our Cafe Succo Cleanses.

Why raw organic cold pressed juice?

Raw cold-pressed juice differs from a regular juice in the process used to create it. Yes, it takes more time to produce, but we know your body will thank you! Unlike normal juicers, the cold press process reduces contact with heat and air. This little-to-no-heat method results in a juice that’s not only superior in flavor but also in nutritional value, containing up to five times the amount of vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes as a typical centrifugally-produced juice

What are the health benefits of cold pressed juice?

Raw and organic cold-pressed juice is continuing on an upward trend because people experience real benefits from the product. Since the pressed organic juice contains more nutritional benefit than organic juice brands that do not cold press, there are many bodily benefits to be had. These can include improving your digestive system, reducing inflammation and unwanted cravings, enhanced mood, and more energy. People experience things differently, so you may feel some of these benefits, while not experiencing others.

What is pasteurization?

Pasteurization is a common term in the dairy industry. The heating process of pasteurization kills the bacteria in the liquid, which enables a longer shelf life. It is more cost effective for organic juice brands to do this, as their product will last longer. The problem is that the healthy enzymes of the natural juice are eliminated. We want to ensure the healthiest product for our customers; therefore our raw organic juice is not pasteurized. When you consume a Cafe Succo cold-pressed raw juice, you are receiving the maximum nutritional benefit from the organic fruits and vegetables in the product.

Why does Cafe Succo’s juice have a short shelf life than store-bought juices?

In order to provide our customers with the healthiest cold-pressed organic juice, we do not treat our product in any way. Pasteurizing can lead to a longer shelf life, but it will also eliminate the healthy enzymes in the fruits and vegetables.

Why does my pressed organic juice appear separated?

Don’t worry! Nothing is wrong with the juice! Since our pressed juice is raw and organic, we don’t add any fillers, color, or other additives. The organic fruit juice and vegetable juice may appear separated, but the juice is in the optimal state for you to enjoy. Just shake the bottle to combine all the ingredients before enjoying and not the “consume date”.

Is the juice organic?

We use locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. We do our best to serve the freshest, most natural product to our customers.

Is there any added sugar?

No! The organic pressed juice will taste sweet because of the natural fruit juice sugars. Nothing is added to our raw and organic juice.

Do I need to refrigerate my raw cold-pressed juice?

Yes! This is a must! Cafe Succo utilizes juice from the raw vegetables or fruits of your choice. This means our organic raw juices are highly perishable. Refrigeration will keep the product safe to consume before the ‘best by’ date.

Why do you use glass bottles?

At Cafe Succo, we look to being healthy not just for the body but also in terms of the environment. Glass bottles are easily recyclable and reusable. The EPA found that 90% of recycled glass is used to make new containers. Glass has also been found to hold the taste of the juice better than other materials, as well as keeping the organic juices cold for a longer period.

Why Cleanse?

Is the Cafe Succo Cleanse a weight loss program? The short answer is no. We do not promote the Cafe Succo Cleanse as a weight loss plan. Our cleanse is meant to provide your body with maximum nutrients for a full one, two, or three days. You may experience weight loss, but this is due to abstaining from solid foods your body is used to. The point of the Cafe Succo Cleanse is to reset your body, improve your digestive system, and enhance your overall wellness. Many people find cold-pressed juice becomes a natural energy drink, giving them sustained energy.

Can I smoke and consume alcohol while on the Cafe Succo Cleanse?

We recommend avoiding all toxins, especially cigarettes and alcohol.

What happens if I get hungry during the cleanse?

It is not uncommon to experience. Moving to an all raw cold-pressed juice diet even for just a day is a big change for your body. Though you will feel hungry, know that the Cafe Succo Cleanse will provide you with the daily nutrients your body needs. Your mind will say “Go eat!” but you can overcome this urge. You are the master of your mind, don’t let it dictate what you should do. Although you should not eat solid foods, you should be consuming plenty of purified water while you cleanse. If the hunger overwhelms you, grab some organic fruits and vegetables.

Can I do the Cafe Succo Cleanse for more than one day?

Of course! We provide one, two, and three day cleanses. It is a matter of personal choice. If you feel comfortable enough to cleanse for more than one day, then go for it!.

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